March to June 2017 – so far it’s been a great time

Since My Way went back in the water mid March 2017, it’s been a great time afloat. Yes we’ve had our fair share of windy cancelled days, and a good few blustery days in the bay too but on the whole, we’ve sailed very regularly and been fortunate to catch a great variety of species from a few ounces in weight to those well into double figures.

Concentrating on what Holyhead can honestly offer we have managed to connect with countless firsts and numerous personal bests, all adding to some great memories already this year.

Writing a report on the 100’s of fish caught is kids play, this day and age phones have some great camera capabilities also there are superb quality cameras readily available at no great cost. Hence why we like to upload plenty of photos from our time at sea.

Our website carries an extensive catalogue of galleries available for viewing, along with short reports and anecdotes from our days afloat.

Photos and the smiles seen within speak volumes. With the next two days looking to be canceled with strong northerly winds, it brings our Facebook Boat Group 2017 Part One album for 2017 to a close.

With over 600 photos detailing our progress this year, please have a look and relive some fantastic moments with us.

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My Way is sponsored by Pure Fishing – this includes Penn, Shakespeare, Greys, Berkley and many more

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