Menai Strait Cruise dates

Current availability aboard My Way 2 for a cruise along the Menai Strait

Mon 25th Feb – 1pm sail for 2hrs – 8 spaces
Tues 26th Feb – 2pm sail for 2hrs – boat or spaces

Sat 09th Mar – 10.30am sail for 2hrs – boat or spaces
Sun 10th Mar – 11.30am sail for 2hrs – boat or spaces

Other midweek dates available for small group or full boat booking. Please message or call to book / discuss sail times

Cruise My Way is priced as follows :
Individuals – £20 Adult / £16 Child (4 to 16years)

A full boat charter for up to 10 persons is £200
*Cruise My Way
*Photography Cruises
*Picnic on the Straits

My Way is fully compliant with the MCA code / licenses and carries all the necessary safety equipment.

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