Monday 10th June Fun Competition

Monday 10th June saw the first of our fun competition days, sponsored by Pure Fishing UK LTD. They are no different to a normal day out. You simply come along and have a fun time catching with us, while we record your catch, each fish scoring a set amount of points each, with bonus points for each different species.

With inclement weather dogging the past few weeks afloat, it was nice to set sail this day with calm seas and some blue skies. We had some great mixed fishing from both anchor and drifting, with a few hrs dedicated to the highlight of most June trips a spot of smoothhound fishing.

Species caught included, dogfish, codling, pollack, coolish, ballan wrasse, bull huss, dab, poor doc and smoothhound

Eventual winner was My Way regular Keith Heaton from Wigan. Keith fished consistently through the day with a good selection of higher scoring drift fish and also 5 point fish such as huss and smoothhound to push his tally beyond the other anglers.

Keith being able to choose from an impressive prize list, settled for a brand new PENN Fathom 15 multiplier reel for his win.

For more information on future fun days with a chance to win a new rod or reel, please see our Pure fishing Blog or click here for the fun competition page



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