My Way 2 – Coronavirus Covid-19 – change to working procedures

My Way 2 – Coronavirus Covid-19

In view of the emerging national situation, we would like to update you on our current operations. Coronavirus Covid-19 is affecting everyone and looking after our customers and those around us is a priority. 

Whilst we are still in a position to operate, like most other businesses we’re going to have to change the way we work for a while to protect the health and wellbeing of us all – which may include cancelling some spaces with a view to rescheduling wherever possible.

Changes to working procedures helping to maintain a degree of social distancing and increased hygenine 

  • All individual or small group trips will be limited to 6 anglers

** There will be no price increase or decrease despite the reduction in persons aboard. Quoted prices at time of booking remain.

  • Full boat and Club bookings will be at the discretion of the organiser but limited to 8 anglers

** There will be no price increase or decrease despite the reduction in persons aboard. Quoted prices at time of booking remain.

  • Access to the cabin for storage of personal items or seating whilst traveling to and from our intended fishing mark will be denied

** As anglers we often bring far more than required. I urge everyone to consider lightening their load and creating more space around the boat.

  • Access to the toilet will still be available in extreme circumstances

**Toilet facilities are cleaned & disinfected every evening as part of our normal routine, this practise will continue with added attention to ensuring all handrails and other areas of possible contamination are correctly disinfected.

  • We will continue to supply tea & coffee, however replace our mugs with disposable cups that should be placed in the bin after use.

**We will for the time being no longer supply a hot snack and refuse access to cooking facilities thus recommend all anglers bring a packed lunch.

  • We have purchased a large supply of Hand Foam Wash sanitizer and dispensers.

**Everyone will be asked to sanitize their hands before stepping aboard My Way 2 and are welcome to use through the day and encouraged to use one last time before leaving boat after the trip.

  • As normal, we will expect everyone aboard to help with a clean down of fishing related mess at the end of each trip. This will give us a working platform for a deep clean of My Way 2 once everyone has left.

** We have purchased additional cleaning products, such as disinfectant, sanitizers and will implement a clean down procedure of the whole deck area, including handrails, gunwales etc. every evening.

  • Our rods and reels are available for any anglers that wish to use them. Looking at the information on Covid-19 lifespan – up to 3days is the generally accepted maximum

** We have a large selection of rods and reels for varying styles of fishing. Different class rods for example 12lb, 20lb, 30lb Touch tips etc. Along with a sufficient number of reels to suit.

It is our intention to wash down and sanitize each rod and reel after use. They will be separated from the others and left for a period of 3 days before being used once again.

Naturally this may mean that normally where a 12lb class is used, we may only have a 30lb class or lighter available. However within the current situation it is prudent that we take any precaution we deem necessary,  

  • We are happy to receive cash payment and you are encouraged to have the correct amount available.

Please do not be offended if I take payment using a pair of gloves.

** BACS & Card or PayPal payments are also accepted. These electronic transfers are to be made on the evening before your trip once our sailing is confirmed.

Please note that Card and PayPal are subject to a 5% additional charge to cover business costs from those providers.

Changes to our working procedures are to remain for the foreseeable future. We will review regularly


Please follow this link to the Government website for further information on the current situation

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