My Way 2 – Coronavirus Covid-19 – update 3

My Way 2 – Coronavirus Covid-19

Over the past couple weeks we have looked at ways we can continue to operate our fishing trips taking into account all official guidelines. Last Saturday we informed everyone of new working procedures aboard My Way 2 that included a reduction in numbers, sanitizing each day and more.

Chatting this through with friends and fellow anglers it was joked that the boat was probably a safer place to be given the changes than popping down the supermarket the way folk are mass gathering and more.

 As it stands now to stop operating, we will receive no income.

As a self employed sole trader I am not entitled to a business grant and will not receive 80% of my wage paid for by the Government, Westminster or Cardiff!

I am hopeful this will change soon and the Millions of self employed will also be supported.

Saturday evening photos appeared on social media and national news of many folk ignoring the social distancing guidelines for example and clearly flouting official statements, treating the national situation as a simply a time to get away and unfortunately also put others at risk.

These scenes angered us also but also raised the question of whether our intentions to continue operating however well considered are adequate. To reach us you will fuel the vehicle pop to the supermarket for provisions for food, car share with friends all examples where you are putting yourself at risk and subsequently everyone you meet in the day.


I have now decided to cease running fishing trips for the next 4 weeks until 24th April 2020.


We will re-evaluate this situation on 20th April and take further action or resume as the National Situation develops.

The fish will still be there once we have come through this very real state of national emergency.

I want myself, my family and all the friends I’ve made over my time in chartering to stay safe and also still be there too.

I am slowly trying to make contact with everyone that is booked on over the next 4 weeks. If you have any further concerns please feel free to email or message and I will get back to you in time.

Please follow this link to the Government website for further information on the current situation


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