My Way 2 – Coronavirus Covid-19 – update 4

I hope this article finds you all safe and well during these troubling times. 

I fully appreciate there are so many concerns for us all during this national crises, paramount though has to be everyone’s safety and continued good health.

Following the Government advice last week, My Way 2 will remain on lockdown until May 07th 2020 at the earliest.

I have had a few emails/texts asking about trips scheduled for late May and also June unfortunately I don’t have any further information that I can share with you all, with our industry being classed as pleasure and non essential we can only follow the advice and hope we come through this sooner rather than later.

Many who have had trips cancelled have already been in touch to reschedule till later in the year and for some anglers keen for amongst other things the spurdog & ray fishing we enjoy early spring, reschedules to 2021 have also taken place, we have all of 2021 tides available for future bookings.We are working to reschedule all trips cancelled for later this year, if this is not possible then 2021. 

If you have had a trip cancelled or will have over the next couple weeks and would like to look at dates for later in 2020 or a similar time in 2021, please get in touch.  

Stay safe and I look forward to fishing with you all sometime very soon

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