My Way 2 – PENN 2021 Species Hunt

As 2022 gets underway we can now announce the results of our 2021 My Way 2 Species Hunt. The Hunt was generously sponsored this year by PENN Fishing UK, with tackle vouchers available for the top two places.

With various lockdowns and control measures upon us the early part of 2021 we never got underway until the end of April as restrictions were eased.

The anglers taking part returned a total of 34 species. Minis species such as the common blenny and rock goby at the one of the list to a fair sized porbeagle at the other. We have caught other species during trips, however sadly they went unaccounted.

The full list of species for our time afloat:- ballan wrasse, black bream, bull huss, coalfish, cod, conger eel, corkwing wrasse, cuckoo wrasse, common blenny, dab, dogfish, dragonet, 5 bearded rockling, goldsinny wrasse, grey gurnard, herring, lesser weaver, ling, lss scorpion, mackerel, pollack, poor cod, porbeagle, pouting, red gurnard, rock goby, sandeel, scad, starry smoothhound, spurdog, thornback ray, tope, tub gurnard, whiting,

The winning anglers as follows

1st        Graham Chadwick 26 species                 £300 rrp PENN Fishing voucher

2nd       Mark Dolben 24 species                           £200 rrp PENN Fishing voucher

3rd        Peter Maryniak 23 species                      My Way 2 Gift Voucher

Top Junior

Emily Hardy                           My Way 2 Gift Voucher

Congratulations to you all, I will be in touch very soon to discuss prize collection.

Thank you to everyone that took part and helped make it all such competitive  but fun event.

As ever, a very big thank you to everyone at PENN Fishing UK, that have helped support My Way 2 over the years and offer our anglers not only a great opportunity to win through our various competitions, but equipping My Way 2 with an array of superb items of tackle, from rods, reels to braids, mono and lures for anglers to use and get to grips with as they ponder on their next purchase.

Massive thanks to Trish for taking control of the entries once again this year!

A chore I really don’t envy 😀 

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