My Way 2 & PENN 2021 Species hunt

My Way 2 will soon be returning to Port Dinorwic Marina, the shelter of the Menai Strait and when weather allows across the bar into Caernarfon Bay, Holyhead Deep and beyond.
It all adds up to an interesting last 3 months of 2021 for those chasing the top prize of £300 PENN tackle vouchers in our 2021 Species League.
Currently those participating have returned 33 species, with current leader Graham Chadwick amassing 25 species for the year so far.
Top 5 as follows
Graham Chadwick 25 species
Mark Dolben 21 species
Peter Maryniak 21 species
Mickey Duff 20 species
Keith Heaton 18 species
Species so far
pollack, dogfish, coalfish, bull huss, smoothhound, mackerel, whiting, poor cod, cuckoo wrasse, tope, common blenny, rock goby, lesser weaver, corwkwing wrasse, thornback ray, porbeagle, scad, ballan wrasse, black bream, dab, cod, red gurnard, pouting, spurdog, herring, grey gurnard, conger eel, goldsinney wrasse, ling, lesser spined sea scorpion, dragonette, sandeel, tub gurnard
Looking forward to the coming months as the competition heats up.
1st Prize £300rrp PENN Fishing tackle voucher
2nd Prize £200rrp PENN Fishing tackle voucher
3rd Prize My Way 2 Gift voucher
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