My Way 2 Species Hunt suspended

With travel restrictions imposed for anglers coming into Wales we have taken the decision to suspend the 2020 Species Hunt once again until restrictions are lifted.
With poor weather at the start of the year, 3 months of lockdown and restricted trips, the hunt has never the less been a great success with anglers adapting their rigs and skills to look for that next specie of fish for their tally.
Despite everything we have still managed a total of 27 species for the anglers taking part:-
dab, whiting, pollack, spurdog, thornback ray, bull huss, ballan wrasse, cuckoo wrasse, poor cod, rock goby, corkwing wrasse, mackerel, cod, porbeagle, coalfish, smoothhound, tope, tompot blenny, black goby, ls sea scorpion, grey gurnard, red gurnard, conger eel, dragonette, goldsinny wrasse, ling
Top 3 as follows
Peter Maryniak 22 species
Graham Chadwick 20 species
Mark Cain 18 species
Top Junior
Emily Hardy 8 species
The hunt will return as soon as we are all able to fish together once again.
Thanks to everyone that has joined in the fun so far, stay safe and see you soon.
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