My Way, Holyhead Marina & Storm Emma

On Thursday evening I shared a video of the horrendous weather that was blowing through Anglesey and Holyhead in particular. Storm Emma hit hard with F10 gusting F12 for an unprecedented amount of time. Early yesterday morning the hardest day I’ve ever had in my life working around the sea began. The gale force winds wreaked carnage and left devastation behind them.

My Way clung on till around 6am, when the pontoon gaveway and she broke from her berth. 

Sadly My Way sank around 9.30am.

There are many boats that have sunk or smashed up on rocks. My heart goes out to everyone  destroyed by these events.

 This was at low water.

She remains on the rocks currently only exposed partially with the ebbing tide.

We have not been able to get aboard as yet with weather and tides against us. We can though see some unbelievable damage including gaping holes on the water line from the pounding she received as the marina collapsed and she sank to her place of grounding.

The community spirit is high and so many people are rallying around with many offers and words of support, the kindness shown is over whelming. Thank you all from all of us here. 

We are now looking to the future. Over the coming few days we will formulate a plan and look to get back up and running as soon as possible.  

Thank you 


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