Mystical Menai

We’ve had a good few days afloat for our first trips fishing within the beautiful Menai Straits.

Weather for the best part was good, the forecast never allowed us to exit the straits and fish further afield but despite a 20mph wind blowing, the sheltered waters of the Menai left a calm and comfortable water to fish on. The rain on Sunday morning though wasn’t the best, relentless for a good few hours before the sun came out and brightened up the day. 

Fishing was fairly consistent throughout, with a few leaner periods over slack water. The majority of catches were small codling and whiting, with an excellent number of other species adding to the count. 

Species caught were whiting, codling, dogfish, huss, LS & SS sea scorpions, hounds, dabs, weavers, pollack, pout, poor cod. 

Whiting dabs and small codling often making up a good few double and triple shots of fish for the anglers at anchor.

The small pollack underneath Brittania Bridge were coming in 2 and 3 at a time during our drift, all fat little things full of whitebait and small eels I’d imagine. Sadly no bass succumb to the temptation of our hooks. 

Plenty of huss putting in an appearance, the majority just shy of double figures. Nice to see a few hounds still around too, albeit a few lb in weight. 

All in a successful first few days afloat, looking forward to more good great days as we move into late autumn and winter. 

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