New Braid and Line spooler

It is important to check your braid / mono regularly through each session, ensuring no abrasion issues that may result in a lost fish! We look to renew the braid on our reels every year, or sooner if need be.

We much prefer braid over mono especially when drifting over deepwater wrecks off Anglesey, the low diameter allows for less drag in the tide, so less lead required. Berkley and Spiderwire are long established as market leaders in braid, with Berkley Fireline regarded as the best in the modern Superlines for over 2 decades. A reputation for being strong and more abrasion resistant than others yet maintaining a low diameter for its strength

Our preferred braids are either 13.9 kgs Berkley Fireline or 18kgs Spiderwire Stealth Smooth x12,  the diameter of each braid 0.20mm & 0.19mm respectively. 

New and improved FireLine® is smoother, tougher, and more sensitive! 8-strand fused technology provides unmatched abrasion resistance making it 5X’s tougher than conventional braided lines. It has a smoother, more supple feel for a longer casting Fireline®!

  • 5X More Abrasion Resistant than leading competitive conventional braids
  • Fused 8 Strand Superline provides Unmatched toughness and Abrasion Resistance
  • Smooth casting and incredibly sensitive

SpiderWire® Stealth® Smooth 12 Braid is tightly woven with 12 PE fibers to create a tight, round braid that is strong and sensitive. It is silky smooth, thin and soft, causing it to be quiet through the guides.

  • Woven with 12 PE fibres for a tight, round braid that is strong, sensitive, smooth and quiet
  • Soft and limp for long, effortless casts
  • Knots clinch effortlessly and securely

With so many reels to spool for My Way 2, it is often a chore to get it all done, however we’re all for making life easier and it is far less hassle with the Berkley Portable Line Spooler.

Straight forward to assemble and easy to use, makes spooling a number of reels much quicker. 

  • Compact design with hang tab is easy to store or hang on a wall
  • Fits up to most 3000 yard spools
  • Great for spinning or casting reels
  • Quick release reel system
  • Spinning spool attachment helps eliminate line twist
Fixed spool reels can be mounted in a similar fashion on the Line Spooler, or with the included spool attachment, just the spool or spare spools can be filled up.
Turn the handle and slowly wind onto the spool, or there is also a hex key attachment that allows you to spool using a power drill for added speed!

Anglesey Bait Centre in Beaumaris is a PENN Fishing  Stockist and has some great deals on the premises and mail order, for more information visit their website  or Facebook page

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