One year on

One year to the day Storm Emma hit Holyhead with extreme force. Holyhead Marina, My Way and over 80 other boats were destroyed by the sheer force of the Mother Nature. 

The perfect storm you could argue. Strong winds and big spring tides combined to produce monstrous waves that ripped through everything they came against. 

It was a difficult day for everyone involved around Holyhead Marina. 

However Storm Emma did not win. With kindness and support of so many, we battled through the tears and heartache to rebuild GO Angling. 

Searching through the internet, calls to various contacts eventually the perfect replacement for My Way was found in Gosport. A fast spacious Offshore 105 already working as a charter boat, she was ideal and ready for Holyhead. 

Our first trip after the storm came early April The following months we had far more settled weather that saw us catching plenty and having a great time aboard My Way 2. 

There’s no doubt it’s been a difficult year to thank everyone who helped would take forever – there are far too many to mention individually here, but you all know who you are and we will always be grateful. 

My Way 2 is doing a sterling job and we’re looking ahead to 2019 and another superb year of fish and fun. 

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