Fun day afloat Friday with a great crowd of individual anglers. Couple sessions in Holyhead Deeps provided a bounty of spurdogs and a good number of huss too. Drifting found a great number of early pollack and a few ballan wrasse. Nothing too big, but a few keepers making a fish supper this evening.

I wanted to try out a new rod and reel combo and managed to snare 4 spurdog for myself, but soon packed that in. Net skip, have you got the net, net please! Together with making the brews, serving up the sausage casserole, taking the obligatory trophy shot of at least one spur per angler … oh and offering a trained eye on tangles … whilst hobbling around the deck.

Yep, my reward was to be spiked early morning just under the right knee cap by a spur. Now have a right knee twice the size what it should beĀ … but happy days on another great day afloat.

More photos in Gallery 241

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