PENN Authority

Available for use aboard My Way 2 the new PENN Authority 6500

The PENN® Authority is the new PENN® standard. Focusing on best-in-class smoothness and sealing, these reels will have a size and gear ratio for every scenario. Utilizing CNC Gear technology, the precision-cut stainless steel gear train paired with the Dura-Drag system, will give you the power to tame anything from within the deep blue. The IPX8 sealed body and spool are top of the line, ensuring that no water will reach the internals, even if submerged.


PENN® have worked for 3 years on creating a range of spinning reels that raise the bar to a totally new level. The PENN Authority is the perfect blend of an extremely durable, yet incredibly looking reel with a super smooth gear feel. These reels are best in class and offer everything you need as a keen angler.

With sizes ranging from 2500 to 10500, the 2500 – 3500 are perfect for the inshore anglers fishing for Seabass and Bluefish, while the 4500 – 7500 sizes are great for the nearshore and travelling angler targeting Roosterfish, Cubera Snappers and Jacks. The 8500 and 10500 sizes are designed to stop monster Bluefin Tuna and GT of world record class with a maximum drag pressure up to 60lb/27.2kg!

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