PENN Fathom 30LD twin speed

Dave Hellon, Angler Review

I have been lucky enough to get out on My Way with Gethyn a couple of times this past month and it is quite apparent that his new Shakespeare Agility 12lb class rods are getting quite a lot of attention and they rightly deserve it. You can see by many pics that they are perfect for the fishing out of Holyhead, as are the Penn reels he matches them up with.


There is however also a hidden gem aboard My Way….The Penn Fathom lever drag twin speed….I have been fortunate to use thie on my last two trips to the Deeps. On first inspection it oooozes quality with real top quality finish which is matched by its internals with stainless gears.The reel comes into own when fishing in near 200ft of water and a 2lb lead, at the touch of a button you can switch gearing from 5.5:1 down to 2.7:1 which means easy retrieve of fighting fish and heavy leads, this makes fishing the Deeps a much easier and enjoyable experience.


The lever drag I also found extremely useful as when I feel a bite I like to give a little line to help the bite “develop”, the lever drag makes this easier as you are just sliding a lever rather than taking it totally out of gear as you would a conventional star drag.


Gethyn’s FTH30 is ideal for the deeps and probably even big sharking but I reckon the FTH 15 being slightly lighter and smaller would be great for all the boat fishing I ever do.That is why I have two of my reels up for fund a FTH 15. If you get a chance, ask for a play with the twin speed, its a great reel.


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