PENN, first impressions

With My Way 2 up and running and having completed a number of successful trips over there last two weeks, we have been able to get a first impression on some of the new gear we have received from our sponsors at Pure Fishing (UK) Ltd

Amongst the rods and reels we now have the new PENN Battalion boat rods in 20lb class and the PENN 25 narrow spool twin speed.

The PENN Battalion 20lb boat road is built using a special blend of high performace carbon, offering an extremely light weight rod, that is both slim yet extremely powerful.

Most 20lb rods tend to lock up mid way down the tip section and offer lifting power at this point to the butt. These though are slightly different, the tip action is more progressive bordering on parabolic with the power coming from the butt section. 

Suitable for both braid and mono, first impression on this particular is good. They not only look good, but offer great bite detection both inshore on light stuf but also in the deeps, were the powerful butt section helps ease your catch up quite effectively.

With an RRP of £160, the rods can be found for a little less when shopping around.

  • ALPS Tri reel seat
  • ALPS guides
  • Short Butt + Long tip construction


The PENN Fathom 15 & 30 2 speed reels have been aboard My Way since 2015, allowing our anglers to experience these great reels first hand before making a purchase. The PENN 25 narrow spool reels are equally as good and help anglers tame anything that Holyhead Deep can throw at them, read more here

Anglesey Bait Centre in Beaumaris is a Pure Fishing Stockist and has some great deals on the premises and mail order. You can visit their website or Facebook page 

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