Penn: Rampage with Battle

With My Way being sponsored by the worlds Largest tackle company, Pure Fishing we are in a fortunate position to choose from an extremely wide range of products to suit our fishing.

Light tackle sport is something we enjoy immensely through the year, whether it is hounds & tope or pollack & wrasse, scaling down on rods and reels can offer some fantastic sport to anglers.

This year we included a couple new light rods from the Penn range into our selection; the Penn Rampage 9ft Bass Spin rod, rated 15 – 55gram the rod is as described a Bass rod, but also with the potential to offer some superb action for anglers aboard My Way

The 3 piece rod has a semi-fast taper action, it sports a stiff butt to provide long range casting for shore anglers when needed. 

For us on the boats, the taper helps cushion the play from a hard fighting fish allowing you to feel every lunge and dive yet still maintain the power in the butt to lift into and control the fight when bringing your fish to the boat. The blank is completed in red with Fuji O rings, EVA grip and an aluminium reel seat.

It was difficult to choose the right reel, eventually deciding on the small and compact PENN Battle 4000 fixed spool.

Built with PENNs trusted HT-100 Sealed drag system, this allows for a quick adjustment on the drag if needed and also  a high degree of pressure for the harder fighting hounds in the shallows. With 5+1 Sealed ball bearings the reel has a very smooth and responsive action.

The reels were filled with backing and braid – 9kgs Berkley NanoFil on one and 10kgs Spiderwire Stealth Smooth 8 on the other. 

Zukia was on her first trip with us and looking to land a first smoothhound in the process. When the line started to rip from the reel, Zukia was quick to the rod. As you can see from the photo above, it was a 30 minute royal battle between them both with the hound fighting hard and the rod and reel performing admirably to help tame her catch. The result a superb 20lb smoothhound 

Below, Omar again on a first smoothhound trip and being given the run around by a 16lber. You can see in the photograph, the full curve of the rod, helping cushion each hard dive and run from the smoothie. 

The rod and reel combination has proven itself many times aboard My Way, handling the likes of smooohound, pollack, wrasse and more with some great fun.  If you’re looking for a reliable and reasonably well priced set up that would suit some rock hopping & light fishing when afloat these are well suited to add to your tackle collection

Penn Rampage 9ft Bass Spin rod

PENN Battle 4000 fixed spool 


Anglesey Bait Centre in Beaumaris is a Pure Fishing Stockist and has some great deals on the premises and mail order. You can visit their website or Facebook page 


Triple shot of small reef pollack for Mark using this set up.

The Rampage & Battle combination was possibly used the  most this year by Nai who choose this setup for all his drifting in particular. With pollack and wrasse the main catches, plus a brace of small plaice


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