Porbeagle Shark

4 years ago with My Way 1 we set out to hook a shark and on our first attempt managed a porbeagle of around 200lb.
In 2017 we had a couple fruitless efforts, a few brief runs but no real success.
We often have the occasional encounter with sharks when wreck fishing but always stick to the job in hand – pollack, cod and coalfish.

On 15th September, we set off at first light for our first dedicated attempt at sharks with My Way 2.
Half way through our day one porbeagle estimated at 200lb+ surfaced off the stern of the boat, poking one of our floats. 

For 10mins we watched it swim backwards and forwards at a surface bait but couldn’t manage to entice it to eat.

However we did manage to hook a smaller one. 

Landed, quickly photographed and safely released.

More photos in Gallery 261

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