Pure Fishing Fun competitions winter 2020

Our Pure Fishing General Fishing species days are a fun time catching many different species of fish available whilst at anchor or drifting around our coastline.

Whereas these days are classed as a competition, they’re not quite that!

They are no different to a normal day out. You simply come along and have a fun time catching with us, while we record your catch, each fish scoring a set amount of points each, with bonus points for each different species.

Catch the most points and WIN with a brand new rod or reel of your choice from the list below.

The points will be awarded as below

  • 1 point   – dogfish, whiting
  • 2 points – pouting, mini species, any fish not listed
  • 3 points – all gurnard, dab, plaice
  • 4 points – wrasse – ballan & cuckoo, , pollack, coalfish, codling
  • 5 points – bull huss, conger, smoothhound, spurdog, tope
  • 6 points – each species

Sandeel, mackerel and herring are excluded from points, but will count for species points 

If there is a tie on points, the most species between the tying point scorers will win. If still tied the most 5 point fish will win. If still tied the most 4 point fish will win and so on.

  • October – Saturday 24th 2020 – Full
  • November – Saturday 21st 2020 – Full
  • December – Wednesday 30th 2020 – Full
  • January – Sunday 17th 2021
  • February – Sunday 21st 2021

Prize List

Should you win, yet get to choose from one of these great prizes.

  • Shakespeare Agility 2 Uptide, Rated to cast 5 to 10ozs, this rod is capable of casting heavy weights and big baits well away from the boat for summer rays, bass and tope, also for big winter cod. The supple tip sets over well in to the tide, but reacts quickly to drop back bites, and the rapid transfer of power in to the lower mid-section and butt gives the power to fight big fish back to the boat against a fast tide run.
  • PENN Squall 20LW, The PENN Squall Level Wind reel is the successor to the GT series reels which have been around for decades and proven themselves on big fish. The Squall LW has all of the proven features of the GT series, with the addition of improved gear ratios and an Instant Anti-Reverse bearing, in a more compact package. Left hand sizes available in the 20 and 30 sizes.
  • Abu Garcia C7000 multiplier reelPower Disk™ drag system gives smooth drag performance. Duragear™ brass gear for extended gear life
  • 2 x PENN Squadron II Touch Tip, offering exceptional value for money, the rod features a modern sporting blank actions designed to achieve high performance in both fishing an casting. The souple tip provide perfect bite detection where the strong backbone of the blank provides the strength needed for casting baits and fighting the fish. 

You are automatically entered into the competition when booking a space aboard My Way for any of the dates listed, please visit our Boat Availability or Individual & small group pages for available dates. Or alternativly email or call 07971 924046

Please read our Pure Fishing Blog for reports & results from previous fun competition days

Please note – anglers are only permitted to win one prize from the My Way 2 competitions in any one calendar year

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