Pure Fishing October competition day one

Friday 06th saw the first of our October Pure Fishing sponsored species competition days. Only 4 anglers took part in what turned into a cracking match and a battle royal between 2 pairs of anglers.
On the stern, Zukia was determined to beat her Father Alf, while with bow draws local rod Mark Cain and Wirral’s Scottish international Mickey Duff tested each others abilities. All 4 anglers, hoping to amass a good amount of points to see them win the rod & reel combo on offer in October.

With spring tides and a bay that had been battered with strong onshore winds all week, our day was planned at anchor and started off just outside the harbour. Whiting and dogs started to flow aboard My Way and were soon to become the bulk of the catches. Zukia and Alf matching each other for fish, whilst Mickey was soon pulling in double and treble shots of fish from his bow draw. Mark though was making use of the species adding a small huss and poor cod to his tally.

Moving out to the mussel beds the whiting grew in size, with some near 2lb autumn fish coming aboard in 2’s and 3’s More species were added with tub, red and grey gurnards all making an appearance for everyone except Mickey who was still banging out the whiting and dogfish.

At the mid way stage, despite being 20 fish ahead of Mark, the additional 6 points per species saw Mark only 3 points behind Mickeys  lead. Zukia on the stern was leading pops by a few points in their family battle.

An hour in Church Bay next looking for a few additional species, this anchor saw plenty more huss come aboard, . Whilst scoring I was having a fish myself and caught a good dozen of them, one of which, very distinctive with a black patch above one eye it was recaught by Mark 20 mins after I had returned it earlier.

The species count wasn’t the best and a move was called for, a patch of broken ground that could throw up all manner of fish from minies to eels. Mickey still stuck on 2 species but over 100 fish was keen to add a few more now, the points were close with Mark now having a few more species to his name.

From the off Mickey started to consolidate his lead with a conger and mackerel on the first drop, followed shortly after by a few huss and poor cod. 

Alf had a smile on his face at this point, not for his fish count, but for the octopus he caught. One that would make a great starter to his tub gurnard  main course.

With over 120 fish on his score card, Mickey proved his prowess as a match angler with a winning total of 175points, to Marks 145. Zukia beating her father Alf by a 10points. 

A great match and a worthy leader looking towards match two later this month. 


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