Pure Fishing Smoothhound Challenge 2015

In its 5th year, the My Way Smoothhound Challenge has become a hugely successful event. Having been generously supported in recent years by Fladen UK, the 5 day event in 2015 changed sponsors. Worldwide tackle giants Pure Fishing My Ways official sponsors came on board with GO Angling offering entrants a chance to win a Penn Squall 15 sized reel with Shakespeare Agility 12lb boat rod by catching the heaviest smoothhound during their day afloat.

Unlike last year when all 5 days of the even including evening trips ran unhindered, the 2015 event was to be blighted by poor weather. this left many days and evenings being rescheduled well into June. Never the less, on the days we managed to get afloat, the anglers saw many hounds being caught. Winners of each day coming up trumps with hounds in the high teens, with a couple twenty pounders with the best falling to Llandudno anglers David Craddock with a fin specimen of 23lb 40z.

With over 200 hounds landed ranging from 5lb to 23lb and countless dropped, the event was a raging success yet again. Dates will soon be available for 2016. 5 full days and 4 evening trips, keep an eye on our website or Facebook page for further details.

Below a few photos and the winners from each day with more in the gallery.

May 25th 2015

Below winner Gary Williams, 19lb 4oz



May 26th 2015

Below winner David Craddock, 23lb 4oz


June 9th 2015

Below winner Jack Williams, 19lb 10oz



June 13th 2015

Below winner Neil Aindow, 16lb 3oz



June 19th 2015

Below winner Mark Dolben, 20lb 4oz



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