Pure Fishing Smoothhound Challenge is go

Our week long Pure Fishing smoothhound challenge is now underway. This is the 6th year of our highly successful event, with big hounds being caught every day of every year. This year however, the hounds are proving slow to get going from Holyhead. We’ve already landed a few with the best over 20lb, but the numbers have yet to hit that expected.

However our crews are made up of regulars, including past winners, 20lb hound captors, 14 hounds in a day captor and many personal bests.

We have plenty of food, loads to drink and numerous stories to tell and Micky taking to keep us occupied.

Mr Smoothhound, it’s time to show yourself 👍

Some hounds so far this week 

More photos as we go here Smoothhound Challenge 2017

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