Red Gurnard

The Red Gurnard is a small bodied gurnard with a sharp pointed snout. The Red has a large head and long slender body. It is one of the smallest of the European Gurnard family.

Craig & Pete with red gurnards
Craig & Pete with red gurnards

The lower three rays of the pectoral fins are separate, finger-like rays that contain sensory organs, that the gurnard uses to feel for food in sand and sediment. The Red Gurnard has a very bright red upper side colouring, changing slightly pink, to white at the underside.


The Red Gurnard is wide spread though out the UK with many north Wales ports catching a fair amount, Holyhead being no exception with any specimens at the 1lb mark.

Surviving on a variety of marine life, the red is often taken by anglers on small scratch rigs baited with mackerel strips.


2 up 1 down, or 3 up scratch rigs with size 2 to 4 hooks work well, with small luminous or red attractor beads.


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