Review of 2017 aboard My Way – part two

Continuing a look back at 2017, part two covers July to Dec aboard My Way. Our first trip of July saw some lovely weather and some mixed fishing both inshore and in Holyhead Deep.

As the weather continued to play ball, more sorties into the Deeps were rewarded with pollack on the wreck and some great tope action at anchor.

Amongst the catches we had plenty of wrasse and pollack to test the light gear with some cracking action from the spurdogs in the Deep.

Staying in July and climbing tides we looked for more rod bending action closer to home.

Rays, small tope and big huss putting the rods to the test amongst various other catches.

Back off in the Deep towards the end of the month and the fishing coniued to raise smiles. The wrecks offering some great pollack fishing and at anchor rods bent over with tope and spurdogs.

The odd surprise coming along too with species such as Marks some big grey gurnards.

One day towards the end of July and Part of our Pure Fishing competition days the weather was forecast to blow a hoolie for the afternoon. With no sign of the wind we decided on a short run halfway top our normal marks in Holyhead Deep.

Unsure of the rewards, Halton SAC geared up for big stuff and were duly rewarded with over 20 tope, a bagful of huss and spurdog. It was a close run thing, with scores averaging 95points but with Rich and Ron both tying on 109 each. A quick count back found Ron had 9 species to Rich who had 8 thus winning a brand new Greys GR100S 20lb rod and Abu 7000 reel for himself … just by coming out for a days fishing.

Species hunting is great fun, changing tackle, tactics and baits can bring up all manner of fish and add of the fun and enjoyment of the day.

Weather in August started to hamper our fishing; thankfully we’d often be able to grab a day afloat in relatively calm seas despite often being sandwiched between two days of 30knot winds.

Fishing was regularly better than expected given the winds, at anchor a good variety of species and drifting proving very successful with any amount of wrasse – ballan, cuckoos, goldsinney & corkwing together with mackerel and plenty of pollack.

A birthdays fishing trip is always a great idea, with friends and family not forgetting birthday cake too.


When taking the youngster afloat, whether a trip specifically for the younger generation or mixed into a normal day, it’s important to help them enjoy the whole experience. Including a stint at the helm, young Richie making a splendid job of steering to our chosen mark,

As the weather juggled our days afloat, myself along with many others still wanted a fishing fix. So this year I rekindled my enjoyment in fresh water fishing at a fishery local to me, Llyn Y Gors in Llandegfan. It’ll never overtake my love of being afloat on the sea, but offers a great chilled out time catching!

With My Way sponsors Pure Fishing (UK) Ltd having companies such as Greys, JRC Mitchell and Shakespeare within their portfoilio, we were well equipped to catch and offer a similar experience to My Way regulars that had had their trip cancelled.

Fishing is fishing – read more here 

Back afloat and the fishing delivered an array of species and fun throughout August and into September; with many days seeing up towards 20 different types of fish being landed including …


A fine 2017 collection of tope – see more here



Angler report from 24th August

Using multiple hook rigs can pose the odd problem.  Popular and highly effective our two hook muppet rig for Holyhead deep snared it’s biggest of the day in Gethyn. With a 27lb tope on one hook, the tope was lifted into the boat, the tope naturally thrashed about, a little peeved at its circumstances.

The flaying hook embedding itself into his wrist. No real drama, the hook was cut away and pushed through. Job done. The tope, a first for its capture, also released after a quick photograph. 

With a space available on the boat one day mid September Mark managed a days fishing whilst crewing and bagged himself a lovely male tope of 43lb and his largest tub gurnard to date.

Weather was not the kindest for our Sept Pure Fishing competition with a strong NW breeze forecast, fortunately this eased quite quickly, leaving a fairly reasonable sea for us to enjoy within the bay. It started off wet and windy but as the winds eased the sun came out for a cracking day inshore fishing.

Our last anchor producing a final spree to the finish line with many more fish including a 2nd hound to Alan. Chris and Mark again matching each other for fish, but Chris’ better drifting proving decisive in the end as he took the win from Mark and Alan who had crept up the points list with a steady haul of fish through the day.

For the win Chris received a Shakespeare Agilty 9ft Tipster rod with a Penn Spinfisher 5500 fixed spool reel. The outfit with a retail price of £210 is ideal for fishing at both anchor and drift. The 3 piece rod has a sensitive tip section, that can detect the smallest of bites in all seas, while still having the strength to battle larger prey such as Smoothhounds to over 20lb.

Fishing and Fun go hand in hand, sometimes when fishing for the likes of hounds & tope etc. it’s a waiting game, bait prepared, rods set … wait for the hit. There is always time to chill and have a giggle and this is what happened when I left my GoPro unattended with Nad and Cards near by … 


Having seen hubby Keith enjoy a couple fishing adventures on the lake recently Dawn fancied a day at Llyn Y Gors too. Not the best afloat, but always enjoying a spot of fishing Dawn was keen to try the lake and get amongst a variety of fish on the rod and pole.


September saw plenty of small mackerel around Holyhead and in the deeper water. A nuyiber of days we’d just pop a set of feathers over whenever we wanted some fresh bait.

Days afloat however limited through September and October resulted insome great fishing. With variety and size helping us enjoy our days afloat.

As the weather started to get colder, the spurdogs started to return in numbers in Holyhead Deep along with some good conger action for a few anglers.

Afloat in the bay through October and November and we had plenty of action inshore. With the deeps once again providing the big action for the rods.

Fortunately early spring winter time, we don’t have to travel too far, the spurs seemingly preferring the rougher more broken ground to the north of Holyhead Deep.

It’s not all about the big fish, one most memorable towards the latter part of summer was this little beauty, a leopard spotted goby. You can target these from the shore with relatively good success from a few Anglesey marks, but they’re not so prolific while afloat. This only the 03rd landed aboard My Way

Early November and a few more cancellations with the weather; Iwan and Shelby opted for plan b and a first time coarse Fishing at Llyn Y Gors. They weren’t disanointed with some lovely catches to rods and poles.

Thankfully on the days we were able to sail as the year progressed the fishing continued to prove successful 

Despite the weather, its fair to say we’ve had a great time aboard My Way throughout 2017.

Many thanks to everyone that has sailed with us and help make another memorable year afloat, hopefully 2018 will be as successful on the fish. 

Many thanks also to our sponsors  Pure Fishing (UK) Ltd. With their support we have been able to provide all our customers old and new quality rods, reels lines and tackle from some of the largest names in the industry.

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