SAKUMA Hooks 450 Chinu

sakumaSakuma started trading in the UK just over 10 years ago when they started importing a range of hooks from Japan. In this very short time Sakuma has gone from strength to strength and has quickly become a favourite brand with the vast majority of UK anglers. In 2010 Sakuma introduced the Chinu Hooks, product number 450. This hook is an incredibly strong and made of high carbon forged wire, despite this, each hook has a very light weight. The Chinu range incorporates a specific style, with a small bend and slightly off set eye and chemically sharpened point to aid in hooking up some of the more fussy eaters with in our waters.

Chinu hooks can be bought in a variety of sizes from 3/0 all the way down in size to a 10. Thus the Chinu style of hook satisfies the needs of specimen hunters, match anglers and also those simply enjoying a bit of relaxation, there is a hook in the range to cover most of our general fishing exploits.


We have been using a range of Chinu hooks since early 2010 and cannot find fault in the fish catching capabilities.

With wrasse, pollack, dab and the odd black bream our main targets we opted for Chinu hooks in sizes 2 and 4.

sakuma_2Wrasse especially can be a hard fish to hook up when targeting in the 2lb to 3lb bracket. Despite the large fleshy lips, they have relatively small, yet strong mouths and can often prove difficult to hook at times.

The size 4 Chinu hooks did though work a treat, and helped many anglers using our range of rigs designed for use on the drift connect with many hard fighting fish.

Naturally many other species have also fallen to the Chinu hooked bait, those mentioned are simply the fish we have targeted with some great results.

Chinu hooks are certainly a welcome addition to the terminal tackle used aboard My Way, they can be found in most good tackle shops, or you can visit the Sakuma website.

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