Other Duties

Our vessel My Way is licensed for angling and pleasure trips with a yellow code of practice category 3 – 20 miles from a safe haven. In addition to this My Way also carries a workboat endorsement.

Workboat endorsement: The vessel is permitted to operate as a workboat, carrying a maximum of 12 persons or maximum of 900kgs of cargo or a combination or persons and cargo, which does not exceed 900kgs, (1 person = 75kgs).

My Way is available for a host of differing duties, and not only for angling and cruising. Other duties associated with the workboat endorsement and GO Angling Charter Services include

light survey work | crew transfers | photography | filming | Guard boat

These are only 5 suggested uses for My Way as a workboat.

With it’s large flush deck (no engine box) My Way is the ideal boat for most workboat duties, offering space and stability to the job.


Please email or call 01248 716315 / 07971 924046 for further details.