Species Hunt round up

It’s been a month since we started our new fun competition the My Way 2 Species Hunt 2020.

Sadly the weather hasn’t really been in our favour, the Menai Strait benefits from shelter from most winds, barring a blow from the South West and the recent storms and strong winds have restricted our outings.

That said we’ve still managed to get a good few trips in, with a decent little mixed bag of species for winter aboard My Way 2. Majority have been within the Menai and one glorious day outside and rewarded with thornback rays and spurdogs.

It’s still very early days with the Species Hunt that runs right through till December 31st and currently there are 12 anglers who have recorded between them 10 species

Bull Huss, Conger Eel, Dab, Dogfish, LSS Scorprion, Pollack, Pouting, Thornback Ray, Spurdog, Whiting

Local Angler Mark Cain, and Stephen Hughes from the Wirral are the early pace setters with 5 species apiece.

My Way 2 has a regular catch of up to 50 different species of fish each year, with many days seeing 20 plus species to the boat. With weather improving, more anglers joining the fun and Spring, Summer, Autumn to come there is certainly plenty of time for everyone to be in with a chance.

For more information and details on how you can join in this fun competition please read more here 

1st Prize £300rrp Fishing tackle voucher
2nd Prize £200rrp Fishing tackle voucher
3rd Prize My Way 2 Gift voucher

Our prize fund is generously supported by a range of leading tackle brands including PENN, Shakespeare, Abu Garcia, Greys, Berkley, Spirderwire and many more


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