Steves First

The torrential rain, eased off after a couple hours afloat yesterday afternoon leaving us with a crisp clear evening to enjoy the Menai Strait.

Last week, a deep hole outside the Port Dinorwic was producing double and triple shots of whiting along with the odd dab and dogfish, yesterday not a fish for our first 45mins. We upped anchor and made a move further down the coast in search of some fresh whiting to supplement our frozen baits.

Thankfully the whiting were present in their numbers that were hopefully destined to become food for a few hungry congers and huss.

The fishing for our bigger quarry was slow, it’s fair to say we missed a few bites too with the finicky nature of the eels feeding last night. We did land a couple with Wirral based angler Steve managing a strap for his first ever conger.

A few huss to the boat too, ranging from a couple lb to just shy of double figures, Neil rewarded with the largest of the day – a thanks maybe for the superb chicken curry he made for us all to enjoy on this cold winter evening afloat.

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