When the wind blows

It’s been a horrible time of late, My Way has not sailed since Sept 04th, the winds have been constantly to high for us to enjoy a successful day afloat resulting in us cancelling everyday. Again yesterday, an onshore wind of F6 gusting F7 with no where to shelter is just not a recipe for a happy day afloat. My Way though has received some pretty amazing TLC in the meantime, a good scrub down on deck and ion the engine bay a full engine and gearbox service, all in preparation of the winds easing and treating us to some […]

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“Fishing is fishing, whatever you do”

“Fishing is fishing, whatever you do” as a friend recently pointed out on hearing that I had been dabbling in the art of fresh water angling once again. I used to carp fish a good number of years ago, and enjoyed it immensely. But being brought up on Anglesey, rocks and boats are where I cut my teeth in angling, spending many a long summer catching all manner of species from the sea. Sea fishing will always be number one for myself but fresh water angling has its place. In a contrast to sea fishing and certainly fishing aboard My […]

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Pure Fresh Water

The wind decided to cancel today for us, so whilst My Way braves a Force 7, we’ve decided to venture onto the lake once more for a spot of fresh water fishing. Being sponsored by Pure Fishing, we are fortunate to be in the position to call upon their wealth of knowledge and products. It is a common misrepresentation that fresh water angling is expensive. Yes similar to sea there are some items pricier than others, but if you’re wanting to try out the sport boasting successful brands such as Shakespeare, Mitchell and Greys within their ranks Pure Fishing has […]

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