My Way 2 & power

Nice video off Richard Price from yesterday’s excursion into Caenarfon Bay 😁. Goes without saying I’m extremely pleased with My Way 2 and how she handles, including the speed poor old My Way never enjoyed. Also goes without saying that these speeds will not be achieved on any trips without a fuel surcharge 😂 lol.   But with My Way 2 arriving with 2 full fuel tanks, it was nice to see what she could do loaded, 11 person onboard including Harry 💪. 19.5 knots at 2500revs on a good flat sea, just after slack and the tide starting to […]

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We’re off, ready for 2018

We’re off, ready for 2018 Wet, breezy and overcast conditions to launch My Way 2 today … and only allowed 5knots in the harbour 😀 But still a great feeling to see a few photos of her floating. Thanks to Paparazzi Trish for the pics and Mark Dolben for his help as always … Finishing touch inside, a little bit of comfort, thanks so much to Mike at Sherlock Foams Ltd. they’re perfick

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Never a dull moment

Fishing and Fun go hand in hand, sometimes when fishing for the likes of hounds & tope etc. it’s a waiting game, bait prepared, rods set … wait for the hit. There is always time to chill and have a giggle and this is what happened when I left my GoPro unattended with Nad and Cards near by …    For more fishing and fun videos please visit our GO Angling TV page

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