Tagged huss

Last month My Way 2 was featured on Will Millards Go Fish series on BBC One Wales, our section looked to explain the importance of tagging sharks to record their growth & movements, protect when necessary and how anglers can assist marine biologists in these studies.

Over the last few years we’ve been joined regularly by Laura from Wobby Shark Savers tagging the likes of smoothhound, spurdog, tope and huss.

Recently on the last drop of our time afloat visiting angler Paul landed a bull huss with a tag identical to those we use. After a weigh and a quick photo, we noted the tag number, returned the huss to the sea and messaged Laura.

A reply came swiftly, Laura had tagged this same huss aboard My Way 2 in Holyhead Bay back in June 2018 weighing 6lb 10oz.

The huss was now in Trearddur Bay and over the 13 months since it was tagged had put on some weight, this time taking the scales to 7lb 12oz.

Fascinating stuff for the record books.

Done correctly, angling and science can work!

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