The Good, the Bad, the Ugly …

The bad – 5am sail to get out, catch some fish and beat the F6 early afternoon.
The very bad – the fish on the first wrecks were still sleeping, only a few small pollack for our effort!
The ugly – 20 miles off, the morse cable on the gear box snapped, couldn’t go forward, couldn’t go astern.
The very ugly – The Wookie😂! Fortunately the cable snapped a few inches from the gear box. A little redneck engineering between Matt and myself had us back in action within 30 mins. Cheers Matthew for your help
The good – after a few wrecks we finally hit the fish. Each drift producing fish, plenty into double figures and plenty of double shots too.

The very good – Chloes Lobsgows, probably the best I’ve tasted and I want the recipe. Thanks Chloe enjoyed by everyone afloat today, crusty rolls too 😀

More photos in Gallery 265

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