The hard work starts

Managed to get permission from Holyhead Harbour Master today to lift My Way. I have lift gear and with friends and colleagues we’re planning for later this week  

More to organise with dive gear, straps, support craft and then we’ll be ready to go.

So many people with overwhelming words and offers of support have me lost for words myself. The marina is devastated and so many folk have lost boats, livelihoods and others their homes.

Our boats are insured and in time we will get repairs or replacements sorted. But at the moment we have no way to earn our keep and looking to get back to sea as soon as is possible.

But sadly the infrastructure at the marina we took for granted such as berthing, fuelling station, pick up points have too been destroyed. 

A Funding page has been kindly set up to help raise the money required for My Way, Spindrift and Bad Boyz, the Holyhead charter fleet to fund and replace those essential requirements to their business that are outside their control and insured items. 

Please follow this link for more information

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