Tomorrows jobs, done today

Winter, dark, damp and cold, this time of year often has us in the doldrums and when you add lockdown it’s easy to get disheartened. But slowly we’re all coming through the madness of what is happening and planning ahead to happier times. 

My Way 2 is serviced and with regular outings to maintain her operational best is raring to go. Looking forward to welcoming regulars and new anglers aboard, landing some great fish, catching up with friends and enjoying a great time afloat in the open sea air. 

We’ve slowly been catching up with the jobs that can be done tomorrow … 

Hauler controls, wire brushed, sanded, treat and painted.
The wood work after a season of abuse required some TLC
Both Starboard and Portside treated with a sand down and re stain
I’ll never have the skills of Banksy, but the life rings have been enhanced with our details once more
Not a tomorrow job, but with an expiry date of 12/2020 our lifejacket lights lay dormant during lockdown! But now with some ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel, they’ve all been renewed and looking forward to not being used!
3 tier rod storage. My Way 2 is equipped with some fantastic rods from the likes of PENN, Shakespeare & FIN-NOR. A rod for every occasion, kept safe and ready for action.
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