Tope is the most abundant large shark native to the British Isles. They generally have a light grey top and white belly area; however some tope have been caught with a dark topside. Tope are live bearing with a normal litter size of between 6 and 30pups, usually around the 20 mark.


The Welsh Record of 79lb, was caught & released aboard My Way in Aug 2005

Tope are found through out the UK, with certain areas having a greater concentration than others. The fish move inshore during the spring and summer months chasing the shoals of mackerel and herring etc.

That rod and reel had their first outing, the first thing landed on Daves challenge prize … a belting inshore tope of 38lb!







They are though known to migrate winter with some large fish still taken both offshore and close in.

Fish eaters – tope eat many different fish from the obvious choices of mackerel and herring, to pouting, poor cod and a Holyhead favourite whiting.

 Dave had not been amongst the fish all morning; fishing big to avoid any smaller species he insisted he would come good later one day. Good it did come, as Dave landed his first tope, this 30lb beauty.


Mike with a 37lb tope

Ron with his first tope, cracking fight from the deep waters off Holyhead


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