Can anyone remember the weather last June 🤔 how good was that?

The last few weeks have been hard work and last Friday & Saturday even more so. Winds above forecast and yesterday especially the fish in hiding! Saturday a typical example of how absolutely poor forecasting has become. Yesterday evening every forecast bar none giving 16-22mph S winds. “Let’s do it” my call, lumpy couple hrs to start, tide change then a lovely day.

28-38mph was what greeted us as we prepared for the day. Chatting with Gareth from Spindrift Charters before sailing we both suggested unprintable words to do with the forecasters.

Fortunately for me the crew for the day was Milnrow Sea Anglers a well seasoned bunch of salty sea dogs who had also seen the favourable weather the night before. We set sail and sheltered for a couple hrs. Dogs, huss, codling and an octopus our reward. Once the tide changed and flowed with the wind we slowly eased our way north east in search of smoothhounds. Yep, them small sharks that are prolific this time of year …

We caught a few! It was hard, fishing was slow. Best of the bunch fell to Graeme and a new personal best at 17lb 12oz. Thankfully for me the club treasurer 😁, photo below

Well, we caught some fish and had a giggle or two.

It didn’t rain so no one got wet … oh sorry Del they were big waves.

More photos in Gallery 245


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