Weather doesn’t always spoil the day

Last Monday we had planned a day offshore wreck fishing, sadly 25-30mph winds in the morning decreasing after lunch stopped that plan in its tracks. A couple regulars determined to still go fishing and knowing we had relative shelter in the lee of the breakwater and Rocky Coast suggested that we could possibly have a fish close inshore and hunt a few species out. 

So a new plan was hatched and 4 of us set sail, for what turned out to be a fantastic fish filled time afloat with a few laughs thrown in for good measure. First few hours drifting around Rocky coast rewarded with plenty of pollack, ballan and cuckoo wrasse and a rock goby.

Once the tide had turned to run with the wind, we ventured over to Church Bay resulting in smoothhound, dogfish and a few small huss. A second move then onto a more rocky patch of ground gave us more species including corkwing wrasse and tompot blenny.

A thoroughly enjoyable time afloat and the lads adding to their My Way 2 species hunt lists. 

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