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We managed to relaunch My Way this week, already for late Autumn and Winter afloat. A strong onshore wind forecast for the morning abated by lunchtime and allowed us to set sail looking for some small sharks to tag.

We were joined by Will Millard, a writer, expedition leader and popular BBC presenter. Many reading this article know of Will from his excellent programs. The most recent include My Year With The Tribe, Hidden Cardiff and The River Wye. If you’ve not seen them I’d urge you to check them out, fascinating stuff.

Will is presenting a new program for the BBC on fishing and we were tasked with catching species from the shark family for a segment on tagging. We were joined by Laura from Wobby Shark Savers, who comes out with us regularly through the year tagging hounds, spurdogs and tope.

This time of year we are fortunate to have large tope in the bay and spurdogs on the edge of Holyhead Deep, but recent storms and prolonged periods of high winds were going to make things difficult for us.

Luckily the ever present bull huss put in an appearance and amongst the smaller fish we managed to catch a few to tag and discuss the importance of tagging and the part anglers play in the recording of scientific data for shark research institutions.

I’ll never get tired of Irish Sea sunsets, on a gorgeous evening you could quite easily be in any sun kissed tropical island.

Look our for Wills new program Go Fish airing on the BBC in the near future.

More photos in Gallery 238

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