What a day …

Favoured a late sail on Monday to miss the LW slack, but with 15 – 20mph forecast from early afternoon, we set off at 7am instead.
First wreck – drift set, fish hooked, started well with a couple 6lb landed. Deteriorated thereafter – plenty of 3-4lb nothing more.
Decided to use the slack for a move.

Second Wreck – drift set and again straight into fish! Phew! Two drifts later two fat mofo seals arrived and took advantage of the easy pickings. Couple drifts more we again fed the cute lovely seals and decided to move on.

Third wreck – hallelujah, no seals, no slack and we caught to make the day a bit more respectable!
Oh and guess what that 15 – 20 didn’t turn up till we landed ashore!
Woes and moans aside, was still a great day with a lovely bunch of anglers, favourable weather, a few fish and some laughs
More photos in Gallery 275
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