When the wind blows

It’s been a horrible time of late, My Way has not sailed since Sept 04th, the winds have been constantly to high for us to enjoy a successful day afloat resulting in us cancelling everyday. Again yesterday, an onshore wind of F6 gusting F7 with no where to shelter is just not a recipe for a happy day afloat.

My Way though has received some pretty amazing TLC in the meantime, a good scrub down on deck and ion the engine bay a full engine and gearbox service, all in preparation of the winds easing and treating us to some superb fishing. 

But one can only suffer without fishing for so long, hence it was back to the local lake and in particular the Pleasure Lake, where the fishing was again on top form. Treating us to carp, rudd, bream and more. 

Best fight of the day was for Leanne, she managed to hook a nice carp of around 5lb in weight on a small 4m Shakspeare Omni pole. 

An exhilarating and exciting fight to watch

Plenty of smaller stuff on the pole too, with Trish bringing fish in constantly

Harry, who also wanted a carp on the pole managed a couple, remember to always kiss your fish!

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