With a little help …

We’re underway with the recovery of My Way. Been an unbelievably long hard day today, making things so much harder is that My Way is sat up to the waterline in mud and clay. We do now have the bow up free and look to continue with recovery over the weekend.

There are far too many people to thank for their support and help of late, but a few guys need a special mention the nameless Duracell pocket rocket for starters … he’s 50 now you know and a warrior indeed. Mark Dolben Mark Cain Aaron Smith Richard Price, Adam, Rob & Dave 😁.

Thank you all for your time, effort and support today. Aaron who has 2 boats of his own FUBAR after storm Emma. And then Dave, who helped out all day despite losing his yacht and his home in the storm a real gentleman.

Big thanks to Pearl Smith for the sausage butties and coffee just what we needed to keep the energy levels up on a cold March day.

Where do I start with Mark Francis, that man needs a cape and his underpants outside his trousers (although I hope to never see that for real ). A modern day hero to Holyhead Marina and a good friend who has helped me out big time.

Over the weekend we hope to get the old girl up and onto dry land. Fingers crossed!

Thank you everyone the kind words of support are genuinely appreciated.

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